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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Class

Our first class was pretty basic.  Dr. Yang walked us though our syllabus and gave us the breakdown on what we should expect moving forward.  With a very much technology based class it is important to go into it with an open mind, not with a "I am horrible" at technology attitude.  In regards to helping out at St. Mary's Dr Yang let us know what he expects of us as well as rules to follow for the first few days an in general.  After this he explained what we will be doing next week. 

So far I think blogging is pretty exciting.  I like being able to publish my thoughts in a setting suitable for others to view at their leisure and inquiry.  As a future educator I could not be more exited.  To change the life of a child or young adult for the better simply by interacting and being a role model is a dream.  Many PE teachers I have had have done just that, so it would be great to pay it forward.  It is also exciting to think that it is professionals like me that can help combat the obesity epidemic across our country.  Many people diminish the PE profession but those educated in what PE is really all about know the truth: we are the future, and we are very important.

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