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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How I Became Better Over Break

Up until now I have never blogged before.  I am a huge sports fan so I have read many, from famous columnists and what not, but have never had the reason to write one myself.  I'm excited to do so, however, because blogs are a great informal way to convey information to friends, family, and peers. 

Over break I did a few things to better myself as a PE teacher.  One was working with kids in the middle school in the basketball setting.  I am getting more and more comfortable in this age group as I coach the same ages in baseball in the summer.  While I did not coach this break, I had a chance to observe the coaching of a friend of the same kids I had my hands full within baseball. I picked up on many tips to be more effective and I am excited for the baseball season to come. 

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